FFS 2007 User Survey
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I am a:
Paid User.
Free Trial User.
Registered User.
How did you hear about Fantasy Football Starters.com?
Search Engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc.)
Ad/Link on Sports-Related Web site
FantasyPlayers.com website
Fantasy Football Gift Card
Radio - KDUS 1060, Phoenix
Event (Trade Show, etc.)
Article/Press Release
Power News (e-newsletter)
How often do you use the Power Analyzer?
4+ times a week
2-3 times a week
Once a week
Less than once a week
How would you rate the following Power Analyzer products?
  Excellent Good Fair Poor Didn't Use
Line-Up Analyzer
Draft Analyzer
Trade Analyzer
Team Analyzer
Mobile Line-Up Analyzer
Word to the Winners articles
Power Rankings
Online User Forums
How would you rate the accuracy of the Power Analyzer at the following positions:
  Excellent Good Fair Poor Didn't Use
Running Back
Wide Receiver
Tight End
Defense/Special Team
How easy is the Power Analyzer to use?
My Grandma Could Use It
I Got the Hang of It
Einstein Would Have Trouble
Below are some enhancements we are considering for the Power Analyzer products. Which of these would have your returning more frequently year-round?
  Very Interesting Interesting Somewhat Interesting Not at all Interesting
Mock Draft software so you practice drafting during the off season
Game Day real-time scoring updates (web/mobile) for all your rosters
Draft Analyzer: add auction values to Draft Analyzer
We added some advertising banners to our site this year to help lower the cost of our service for users. What pricing options should we offer on our Power Analyzer products next year?
Keep prices/ads the same
Load up the site with advertising so all your products are FREE.
Give away some products (i.e. store a single roster) for free but charge a small fee for upgrades (i.e. each additional roster)
Let me pay a single 'all access' membership so I don't have to see ads
Many fantasy players closely guard their 'inside information' from friends so they maintain an edge in their fantasy leagues. What incentives would you need to tell your friends about Fantasy Football Starters.com?
None, I already tell all my friends about Fantasy Football Starters.
Give me free access/upgrades or 'store credit' for each friend I refer
Make all your tools free so I don't feel like I'm 'pimping' your service
None. I would never tell other fantasy fans about your site. I like winning too much!
Overall, is Fantasy Football Starters.com helping you win this year?
Will you use our product next year?
Yes, it's worth the money
Yes, only if it's free
No, it's not helpful
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