Custom Application Software Development for Your Business

For nearly a decade, The Chatfield Group has served clients in several industries: consumer and business travel, financial services, manufacturing, sports and entertainment, retail, healthcare, call-center operations and public utilities.

World Class Travel Software

Several travel providers including a Fortune 100 corporation have realized business growth and operational benefits through TCG-led development, maintenance and/or improvement initiatives directed at travel reservations systems. In such a competitive industry, our clients, both large and small, demand innovative, cutting-edge solutions that help them maintain dominance in their respective markets.

Need Online Booking Software? We’ve Got It!

Whether focused on a corporate or consumer clientele, TCG delivers booking technologies that access air, hotel, car, tour, cruise, and excursion availability utilizing all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) as well as off-GDS sources. Our travel booking software ties availability, booking, front office and back-office systems together to provide end-to-end reservation software for our multi-national corporate clients, mid-sized and small travel agencies.

Large-Scale Custom Software Development

Chatfield also serves Fortune 1000 and Fortune 100 companies in the Financial Services, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. Because they bear a tremendous responsibility to millions of customers and share-holders, these clients demand on-time, on-budget project delivery with an emphasis on quality and security, which TCG has delivered in spades. From manufacturing automation software to public-facing web-presence projects to employee training web-applications, we have the tools and experience to deliver on our promises.

Because of the high exposure to public scrutiny, the Healthcare and Public Service industries require a unique technologies provider. TCG provides the ability to design systems of high-complexity, within tight budgets and timelines, and within highly complex organizational structures that have skin in each project. The Chatfield Group delivers high-quality, high-value technologies regardless of the industry. Our deep and varied experience with projects across many industry verticals coupled with our highly-skilled team of technology professionals should give you the peace of mind to choose TCG to help you do more with less on your next project.


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