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Secure, scalable custom software solutions to run your business.

Don’t compromise when it comes to custom software development.

There is a reason Apple, IBM, Intel, AmEx, TicketMaster, ESPN, and hundreds of others chose to partner with us for their custom software needs.

We don't abide by the old saying: “Cheap, fast, or good. Pick any two.” 


Our law states: “Cost-effective, fast, and high-quality. Have ‘em all.”




The Chatfield Group builds your solutions on OptimumHQ’s revolutionary Adaptive Software Platform. The platform empowers us to configure your custom solutions quicker, cheaper, and with more agility.


When modified and integrated to suit your needs, the platform provides a feature-rich, cost-effective, high-quality way to solve your business process, automation, and integration challenges. 

Our Software Development Style Saves Time & Cost.

Our modules allow us to approach your technology challenges with a full palette of options. Utilizing our modules helps lower costs, reduces time-to-market and ensures a higher degree of quality, all of which, in turn, allow you to do more with less.

The Chatfield Group has several modules, including:


  1. Customer satisfaction/feedback – Enterprise Survey Platform (ESP)

  2. Website content management – inControl CMS

  3. Online travel booking systems – Callypso

  4. Desktop travel agency tools

  5. Web-based dashboard reporting

  6. Business intelligence/analytics and corporate performance management (BI)

  7. Global Distribution System (GDS) access tools

  8. Mass e-mail delivery – Distribution Mailer

  9. E-commerce tools – Shopping cart, check-out, merchant services and reporting tools

Because this code has been implemented in multiple projects, each having their own quality-assurance cycles, defect remediation – if needed at all – is significantly reduced, saving time and money yet again. 

Custom Software for SMB and Enterprise Businesses.

From small time-saving tools to enterprise applications to full-scale ERPs.

For nearly a decade, The Chatfield Group has served clients in several industries: consumer and business travel, financial services, manufacturing, sports and entertainment, retail, healthcare, call-center operations, and public utilities.

Chatfield serves SMBs as well as Fortune 1000 and Fortune 100 companies. Because they bear a tremendous responsibility to millions of customers and share-holders, these clients demand on-time, on-budget project delivery with an emphasis on quality and security, which TCG has delivered in spades. From manufacturing automation software to public-facing web-presence projects to employee training web-applications, we have the tools and experience to deliver on our promises.

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