When it Comes to Custom Software Development, Why Compromise?

You might have heard the old saying: “Cheap, fast or good. Pick any two.” TCG has not exactly re-written this “law,” however, we have labored to mitigate it. Our law states: “Cost effective, swift and always high-quality. Have ‘em all.”


Cost-Effective Application Development

We attempt to accomplish this with our foundational software solutions. The Chatfield Group has amassed a library of foundational tools that, when modified and integrated to suit a client’s needs, provide a feature-rich, cost-effective, high-quality way to solve business problems. In most cases, all we need to do to get a system operational is a database and user-interface custom-tuned to your business model, market, or internal processes.

Our foundational tools provide multiple benefits, not the least of which is cost-effectiveness. As mentioned, since the majority of the coding is already completed, development costs associated with “reinvent-the-wheel” projects are greatly reduced. For the same reason, you also save time. We like to call this our T=M, or “time equals money” theorem.

Our Software Development Toolbox Saves Time & Expense

Because this code has been implemented in multiple project, each having their own quality-assurance cycles, defect remediation – if needed at all – is significantly reduced, saving time and money yet again.
The Chatfield Group possesses many foundational solutions including:

• Customer satisfaction/feedback – Enterprise Survey Platform (ESP)

• Website content management – inControl CMS

• Online travel booking systems – Callypso

• Desktop travel agency tools

• Web-based dashboard reporting

• Business intelligence/analytics and corporate performance management (BI)

• Global Distribution System (GDS) access tools

• Mass e-mail delivery – Distribution Mailer

• E-commerce tools – Shopping cart, check-out, merchant services and reporting tools

Our foundational tools allow us to approach your technology challenges with a full palette of options. Utilizing our foundational tools helps lower costs, reduces time-to-market and ensures a higher degree of quality, all of which, in turn, allow you to do more with less.


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