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The Chatfield Team

Simon Chatfield, CEO

Simon Chatfield is a software architect and technology executive with a history of proven IT applications across multiple industries, including travel, finance, health care, manufacturing, entertainment, telecommunications, education, and government. In software development for almost 20 years, he excels at managing distributed teams and resources across multiple locations and skillsets. Prior to founding The Chatfield Group, he was Vice President of Software Development at Inteflux Inc. and Director of Software Engineering at Evergreen Internet. At The Chatfield Group, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company, including leadership of both in-house and client development teams for hosted and installed software application bases for all customers.


Simon understands that business leaders just want software that truly solves their specific needs, and they don’t want all kinds of extra software they don’t need. Pioneering the concept of dynamic data and company-specific workflows, Simon and his team created a new Adaptive Software Platform to quickly build complex custom solutions without custom code. Thus, OptimumHQ was born in 2014.


Learn more about OptimumHQ.

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